About Us


thehealthline.ca is a website for Ontario patients, doctors, and health care providers to get accurate and up-to-date information about health services in their communities.

thehealthline.ca platform is a provincially integrated database and asset that can be leveraged by health service providers and planners to help make healthcare better together.

Key Features
  • 14 regional sites organized by LHIN and sub-LHIN regions
  • Free to use and prioritizes government-funded or low-cost services
  • 45,000+ services from 20,000+ healthcare organizations
  • Standardized language and quality tools used to update each record yearly
  • Online tools for organizations to promote services, jobs, news, and events
  • Mapping tools that show catchment area by sub-LHIN, First Nations and more
  • Tracking and reporting tools for system planners
  • Dynamic platform that easily supports provincial scaling of regional initiatives

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What's New

The South West Regional Wound Care Program has developed a tool to help build a patient's 'dream team' as it relates to their level of diabetic foot risk. To learn more about Wound Care and the tool, visit swrwoundcareprogram.ca.

Diabetic Foot Referral Tool
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