Alphabetical Listing of Services - D - Oxford and Norfolk

Dad Central Ontario   Carleton Place
Dad Club London   London
Dale Brain Injury Services   London
Dayspring Residence   Tillsonburg
Deafblind Ontario Services   Newmarket
Deafness and Impaired Hearing  
Dental Clinics - Low Cost Programs  
Dental Hygienists  
Dental Problems  
Denturist Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Developmental Pediatrics  
Developmental Services Ontario  
Diabetes Canada   Toronto
Diabetes Canada - South West Ontario Regional Leadership Centre   London
Diabetes Canada - Toronto - D-Camps Ontario   Toronto
Diabetes Education Programs  
Diagnostic Imaging Clinics  
Diagnostic Radiology  
Diet, Nutrition and Weight Control  
Dietitians of Canada   Toronto
directSmiles - Mobile Dental Hygiene Services   Oakville
DisAbled Women's Network Canada   Montreal
Diseases and Conditions Support Groups  
Distress and Crisis Ontario   Kitchener
Doctor Abdalla, Mohamed Ali A - Internal Medicine   Tillsonburg
Doctor Amanullah, Shabbir - Psychiatry   Woodstock
Doctor Antolinez Uribe, Edgar - Maternal-Fetal Medicine   Woodstock
Doctor Ardelean, Daniela S - Pediatric Rheumatology   London
Doctor Bigham, Aaron T - Orthopedic Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Colaco, Carmo Domingos De S - General Surgery   Tillsonburg
Doctor Crosby, Jacqueline A - General Surgical Oncology   Tillsonburg
Doctor Dain, Steven L - Anesthesiology   Woodstock
Doctor El-Salviti, Gamal I - General Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Engbers, Peter B - Anatomical Pathology   Woodstock
Doctor Ferreria, Sharon G - Psychiatry   Woodstock
Doctor Filler, Guido M J - Pediatrics, practicing in pediatric nephrology   London
Doctor Fraser, Doug - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine   London
Doctor Fullerton, Gary M - Internal Medicine   Woodstock
Doctor Gunz, Anna C - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine   London
Doctor Hanoman, Marguerite BC - Internal Medicine   Ingersoll
Doctor Ho, Derek C - Diagnostic Radiology   Woodstock
Doctor Humphrey, Robert J - General Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Jeremic, Goran - Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Johnson, David W - Ophthalmology   Woodstock
Doctor Kamal, Fadi AB - Urology   Woodstock
Doctor Kornecki, Aleksander - Pediatrics, practicing in pediatric critical care medicine   London
Doctor Kruger, Gordon D - Orthopedic Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Liu, Dong F - General Pathology   Woodstock
Doctor Lui, Derek P - Ophthalmology   Woodstock
Doctor MacLeod, Malcolm K - General Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Marley, Wayne F - Anesthesiology   Woodstock
Doctor Matanovic-Todorovic, Dragana - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Woodstock
Doctor Petis, Stephen Michael - Orthopedic Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Pun, Jochebed J - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Woodstock
Doctor Sanders, Lawrence D - Diagnostic Radiology   Woodstock
Doctor Sarpal, Amrita - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine   London
Doctor Sharma, Maheshwar D - Internal Medicine   Ingersoll
Doctor Singh, Ram N - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine   London
Doctor Smith, Christopher J - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Woodstock
Doctor Snider, Donald D - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Woodstock
Doctor Stubbs, Peter John S - Anesthesiology   Tillsonburg
Doctor Swart, Maritza - General Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Tauqir, Syeda N - Anatomical Pathology   Woodstock
Doctor Tijssen, Janice - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine   London
Doctor Tran, Michael NH - Orthopedic Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Tugalev, Oleg - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation   Tillsonburg
Doctor Vinson, Robert S - Diagnostic Radiology   Woodstock
Doctor Violette, Phillppe D - Urology   Woodstock
Doctor Xenoyannis, George L - Orthopedic Surgery   Woodstock
Doctor Yaseen, Muhammad - Anesthesiology   Woodstock
DoctorsOntario   Toronto
Domestic Abuse Services Oxford   Woodstock
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault  
Dorchester Terrace - Retirement Residence   Dorchester
Down Syndrome  
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario   Peterborough
Dr Russell M Hall Family Health Centre   Norwich
Drug and Health Product Safety  
Drug Benefits  
Drumbo and District Housing Corporation - Maple Grove Seniors Apartments   Drumbo
Dying with Dignity Canada   Toronto
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada   Toronto
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada - London Dystonia Support Group   London
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