Alphabetical Listing of Services - d - London and Middlesex

Dad Central Ontario   Carleton Place
Dad Club London   London
Dale Brain Injury Services   London
Daya Counselling Centre   London
Deafness and Impaired Hearing  
Dearness Home   London
Delaware Lions Non-Profit Apartment Corporation   Delaware
Dental Clinics - Low Cost Programs  
Dental Hygienists  
Dental Problems  
Denturist Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Deutsch Kanadischer Verein (German Canadian Club)   London
Diabetes Education Programs  
Diagnostic Consulting Associates   London
Diagnostic Imaging Clinics  
Dietitians of Canada   Toronto
Distress Centres Ontario   Kitchener
DMARehability   London
Doctor Abel, S L - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Agapitos, Peter - Ophthalmologist   Ottawa
Doctor Ahuja, Nina - Ophthalmologist   Hamilton
Doctor Alexander, Michael - Allergist   Niagara Falls
Doctor Amer, Emad - Respirologist   Mississauga
Doctor Anderson, David M - Ophthalmologist   Cambridge
Doctor Balsys, Aras J - Internist and Respirologist   Toronto
Doctor Bariciak, Mark - Ophthalmologist   Sault Ste Marie
Doctor Barkin, Jack - Urologist   Toronto
Doctor Beiko, George H - Ophthalmologist   St Catharines
Doctor Braude, Andrew C - Respirologist   Toronto
Doctor Brent, Henry P - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Breslin, Calvin William - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Bullen Kesty, Cynthia Louise - Ophthalmologist   North Bay
Doctor Chaban, Roman - Otolaryngologist - Head and neck surgery   Toronto
Doctor Charendoff, Jeffrey S - Urologist   Toronto
Doctor Christakis, John - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Conrad, Dennis R - Ophthalmologist   Winchester
Doctor Cooper, Marvin - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Cooper, T James - Ophthalmologist   Lindsay
Doctor Czarnecki, Jan S - Ophthalmologist   Thunder Bay
Doctor Flora, P G - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Gibson, Sean - Urologist   Oshawa
Doctor Girschek, Peter K - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Gorfinkel, John - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Harding, Peter W - Ophthalmologist   Gloucester
Doctor Harris, Leonard - Plastic Surgeon   Burlington
Doctor Hassard, Frank - Ophthalmologist   Cobourg
Doctor Henen, Raafat - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Henry, Michael M - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Hillson, Tim - Ophthalmologist   Orillia
Doctor Iannicello, Carman M - Vascular Surgeon   Windsor
Doctor Johnson, Robert E - Ophthalmologist   Guelph
Doctor Kesty, Kenneth R - Ophthalmologist   North Bay
Doctor Kiskis, Anthony - Ophthalmologist   Kitchener
Doctor Kobetz, Lawrence - Ophthalmologist   Hamilton
Doctor Konzuk, Peter J - Ophthalmologist   Ottawa
Doctor Korzinstone, Clifford A - Ophthalmologist   Oshawa
Doctor Kosar, Stephen E - Ophthalmologist   Sudbury
Doctor Kravetz, A I - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Landecker, Leslie S - Ophthalmologist   Newmarket
Doctor Lane, David - Ophthalmologist   Lindsay
Doctor Leung, Peter C S - Obstetrician and Gynecologist   Toronto
Doctor Leyland, Nicholas - Obstetrician and Gynecologist   Hamilton
Doctor Liu, Eugene S - Ophthalmologist   Newmarket
Doctor Ma, Joseph J K - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor MacDonald, Alan L - Ophthalmologist   Markham
Doctor McCuaig, Brad M - Ophthalmologist   Kitchener
Doctor McMahon, Robert G - Ophthalmologist   Chatham
Doctor McReeliss, Kylen - Ophthalmologist   Peterborough
Doctor Mednick, Edward - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Misra, Manjula - Ophthalmologist   Oshawa
Doctor Morgan, Robert B - Ophthalmologist   Gloucester
Doctor Nixon, Donald R - Barrie - Ophthalmology   Barrie
Doctor Nixon, Donald R - Orillia - Ophthalmologist   Orillia
Doctor Orr, Richard J - Ophthalmologist   Owen Sound
Doctor Pearce, Craig - Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon   Windsor
Doctor Perl, A - Respirologist   Toronto
Doctor Pocrnich, Dante Michael - Ophthalmologist   Kitchener
Doctor Rabinovitch, Jed - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Rathee, Rajinder - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Rifkind, Aaron W - Ophthalmologist   Hamilton
Doctor Ritacca, Frank - Respirologist   Mississauga
Doctor Rodriguez, Sylvia L - Ophthalmologist   Guelph
Doctor Rogers, William L - Ophthalmologist   Peterborough
Doctor Rosenblum, Stan - Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon   Sarnia
Doctor Rowe, Charles D - Obstetrician and Gynecologist   Oshawa
Doctor Sachdeva, Krishan Kumar - Urologist   Oshawa
Doctor Scaife, Gerald D - Ophthalmologist   St Catharines
Doctor Scanlan, Daniel - Ophthalmologist   Midland
Doctor Schonberger, Larry - Ophthalmologist   Sudbury
Doctor Seetner, Avron Ashley - Ophthalmologist   Mississauga
Doctor Sharp, Daniel C - Ophthalmologist   Sault Ste Marie
Doctor Shoughary, A - Ophthalmologist   Pembroke
Doctor Siebert, Lee - Ophthalmologist   London
Doctor Singer, Robert H - Ophthalmologist   Burlington
Doctor Skrypuch, Orest W - Ophthalmologist   Brantford
Doctor Smythe, Donna - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Sorgini, Curtis J - Ophthalmologist   Sudbury
Doctor Spencer, John A - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Suess, Christine - Ophthalmologist   Cornwall
Doctor Tannous, R - Cardiologist   Niagara Falls
Doctor Thomsen, Eric J - Ophthalmologist   Brantford
Doctor Thorpe, J B - Ophthalmologist   Simcoe
Doctor Walker, John Roberts - Ophthalmologist   Stratford
Doctor Weingert, Michael E - London - Cardiologist   London
Doctor Weingert, Michael E - St Thomas - Cardiologist   St Thomas
Doctor Weinstock, S Joseph - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Wooster, Douglas L - Vascular Surgeon   Toronto
Doctor Wu, Paul - Obstetrician and Gynecologist   Burlington
Doctor Zanetti, F - Ophthalmologist   Brantford
Doctors Curran, Brian and Ann Chiu - Ophthalmologist   Windsor
Doctors Walk-In Medical Clinic   London
DoctorsOntario   North York
Dorchester Cooperative Nursery School   Dorchester
Dorchester Physiotherapy   Dorchester
Down Syndrome  
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario   Ottawa
Drug and Health Product Safety  
Drug Benefits  
Dufferin Multi-Speciality Clinic   Toronto
Dundas Street Centre United Church   London
Dunn Audiology   London
Dura Med Mobility Products   London
Dutch Canadian Society of London and District   London
Dying with Dignity Canada   Toronto
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada   Toronto

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