Alphabetical Listing of Services - d - Oxford and Norfolk

Dad Central Ontario   Carleton Place
Dayspring Residence   Tillsonburg
Deafness and Impaired Hearing  
Dental Clinics - Low Cost Programs  
Dental Hygienists  
Dental Problems  
Denturist Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Diabetes Education Programs  
Diagnostic Imaging Clinics  
Dietitians of Canada   Toronto
Distress Centres Ontario   Kitchener
Doctor Abel, S L - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Agapitos, Peter - Ophthalmologist   Ottawa
Doctor Ahuja, Nina - Ophthalmologist   Hamilton
Doctor Alexander, Michael - Allergist   Niagara Falls
Doctor Amer, Emad - Respirologist   Mississauga
Doctor Anderson, David M - Ophthalmologist   Cambridge
Doctor Balsys, Aras J - Internist and Respirologist   Toronto
Doctor Bariciak, Mark - Ophthalmologist   Sault Ste Marie
Doctor Barkin, Jack - Urologist   Toronto
Doctor Beiko, George H - Ophthalmologist   St Catharines
Doctor Braude, Andrew C - Respirologist   Toronto
Doctor Brent, Henry P - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Breslin, Calvin William - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Bullen Kesty, Cynthia Louise - Ophthalmologist   North Bay
Doctor Chaban, Roman - Otolaryngologist - Head and neck surgery   Toronto
Doctor Charendoff, Jeffrey S - Urologist   Toronto
Doctor Christakis, John - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Conrad, Dennis R - Ophthalmologist   Winchester
Doctor Cooper, Marvin - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Cooper, T James - Ophthalmologist   Lindsay
Doctor Czarnecki, Jan S - Ophthalmologist   Thunder Bay
Doctor Flora, P G - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Gibson, Sean - Urologist   Oshawa
Doctor Gorfinkel, John - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Harding, Peter W - Ophthalmologist   Gloucester
Doctor Harris, Leonard - Plastic Surgeon   Burlington
Doctor Hassard, Frank - Ophthalmologist   Cobourg
Doctor Henen, Raafat - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Henry, Michael M - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Hillson, Tim - Ophthalmologist   Orillia
Doctor Iannicello, Carman M - Vascular Surgeon   Windsor
Doctor Johnson, Robert E - Ophthalmologist   Guelph
Doctor Kesty, Kenneth R - Ophthalmologist   North Bay
Doctor Kiskis, Anthony - Ophthalmologist   Kitchener
Doctor Kobetz, Lawrence - Ophthalmologist   Hamilton
Doctor Konzuk, Peter J - Ophthalmologist   Ottawa
Doctor Korzinstone, Clifford A - Ophthalmologist   Oshawa
Doctor Kosar, Stephen E - Ophthalmologist   Sudbury
Doctor Kravetz, A I - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Landecker, Leslie S - Ophthalmologist   Newmarket
Doctor Lane, David - Ophthalmologist   Lindsay
Doctor Leung, Peter C S - Obstetrician and Gynecologist   Toronto
Doctor Leyland, Nicholas - Obstetrician and Gynecologist   Hamilton
Doctor Liu, Eugene S - Ophthalmologist   Newmarket
Doctor Ma, Joseph J K - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor MacDonald, Alan L - Ophthalmologist   Markham
Doctor McCuaig, Brad M - Ophthalmologist   Kitchener
Doctor McMahon, Robert G - Ophthalmologist   Chatham
Doctor McReeliss, Kylen - Ophthalmologist   Peterborough
Doctor Mednick, Edward - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Misra, Manjula - Ophthalmologist   Oshawa
Doctor Morgan, Robert B - Ophthalmologist   Gloucester
Doctor Nixon, Donald R - Barrie - Ophthalmology   Barrie
Doctor Nixon, Donald R - Orillia - Ophthalmologist   Orillia
Doctor Orr, Richard J - Ophthalmologist   Owen Sound
Doctor Pearce, Craig - Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon   Windsor
Doctor Perl, A - Respirologist   Toronto
Doctor Pocrnich, Dante Michael - Ophthalmologist   Kitchener
Doctor Rabinovitch, Jed - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Rathee, Rajinder - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Rifkind, Aaron W - Ophthalmologist   Hamilton
Doctor Ritacca, Frank - Respirologist   Mississauga
Doctor Rodriguez, Sylvia L - Ophthalmologist   Guelph
Doctor Rogers, William L - Ophthalmologist   Peterborough
Doctor Rosenblum, Stan - Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon   Sarnia
Doctor Rowe, Charles D - Obstetrician and Gynecologist   Oshawa
Doctor Sachdeva, Krishan Kumar - Urologist   Oshawa
Doctor Scaife, Gerald D - Ophthalmologist   St Catharines
Doctor Scanlan, Daniel - Ophthalmologist   Midland
Doctor Seetner, Avron Ashley - Ophthalmologist   Mississauga
Doctor Shoughary, A - Ophthalmologist   Pembroke
Doctor Siebert, Lee - Ophthalmologist   London
Doctor Singer, Robert H - Ophthalmologist   Burlington
Doctor Skrypuch, Orest W - Ophthalmologist   Brantford
Doctor Smythe, Donna - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Sorgini, Curtis J - Ophthalmologist   Sudbury
Doctor Spencer, John A - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Suess, Christine - Ophthalmologist   Cornwall
Doctor Tannous, R - Cardiologist   Niagara Falls
Doctor Thomsen, Eric J - Ophthalmologist   Brantford
Doctor Walker, John Roberts - Ophthalmologist   Stratford
Doctor Weingert, Michael E - London - Cardiologist   London
Doctor Weingert, Michael E - St Thomas - Cardiologist   St Thomas
Doctor Weinstock, S Joseph - Ophthalmologist   Toronto
Doctor Wooster, Douglas L - Vascular Surgeon   Toronto
Doctor Wu, Paul - Obstetrician and Gynecologist   Burlington
Doctor Zanetti, F - Ophthalmologist   Brantford
Doctors Curran, Brian and Ann Chiu - Ophthalmologist   Windsor
DoctorsOntario   North York
Domestic Abuse Services Oxford   Woodstock
Down Syndrome  
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario   Ottawa
Dr Russell M Hall Family Health Centre   Norwich
Drug and Health Product Safety  
Drug Benefits  
Drumbo and District Housing Corporation - Maple Grove Seniors Apartments   Drumbo
Dufferin Multi-Speciality Clinic   Toronto
Dying with Dignity Canada   Toronto
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada   Toronto

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