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Friday, July 14, 2017

A Pause for Love Fundraiser Donates over $13,000 to Support Local Youth Centre

On Monday, July 10th Ned and Lisa Burwell presented Andrea Brown, Manager of Fusion Youth Technology and Activity Centre, and Kyle Stefanovic, Director of Parks and Recreation for Ingersoll, with a portion of the proceeds of their 2nd Annual A Pause for Love; Semi Colon Tattoo Day. A Pause for Love took place on June 18th, 2017 at the Ingersoll District Memorial Arena and had a group of tattoo artists gathering to tattoo for Mental Health. “I initially decided to put on this fundraiser because of the crisis that we were experiencing in our community. With the rash of suicides that were happening in Oxford County, I felt like we needed to come together as a community. This year and last year we had a message to convey to the public and to our youth, it was ‘to be love’. I wanted to inspire our community to fall deeply in love with themselves and each other. Within this simple message there is hope and promise for a stronger community.” said Ned about what lead him to get this fundraiser off the ground. 

The event was extremely successful with over $53,000 being raised for Fusion Youth Centre, Talbot Teen Centre, Oxford-Elgin Child & Youth Centre and the Canadian Mental Health Association. “Anyone who came to this event gave most of their day to us. The lineup was four to six hours long, it was hot in the arena and on top of all that, it was Father’s Day. I’m proud to say that I come from this small town! I feel that Oxford County has a generous heart. I have a personal goal to make a million charity dollars in my life time. With a community that shows so much heart, I feel like this is a reachable goal for me to accomplish” says Ned about the community support. The Director of Parks and Rec, Kyle Stefanovic, said “A Pause for Love was a hugely successful event the Town of Ingersoll was glad to be a part of. Thanks to Ned and Lisa on their generous donation and the Town hopes to be a part of this great event in the future.” 

When asked why they chose Fusion, Talbot Teen, OECYC and CMHA to donate the proceeds to Ned said “I wanted the money and our message to impact our youth this year. Adolescence can be a difficult time, at least it was for me. I feel our youth needs the generations before them to be good examples and strong leaders in their deeds, not just their words.” The $13,000 donation to Fusion Youth Centre will be used to help support the purchase of new instruments and equipment in their popular Music
Program. Through the Music Program, Fusion members have access to one on one music lessons, open jam sessions, and admittance to a state of the art recording studio. Manager of Fusion Youth Centre, Andrea Brown, shared this “We were absolutely thrilled with the success of the Semi Colon Tattoo Fundraiser. Thank you to Ned and Lisa Burwell for investing the proceeds from the event back into the youth in our community and to the community of people who came out to support the event and mental health awareness.” 

Media Contact:

Susan Wolfe 
Administrative Coordinator 
Town of Ingersoll 
Parks and Recreation Department 
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