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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ideas Wanted!

United Way Perth-Huron's Youth in Action Grants Offer a Chance for Youth to Impact their Communities

United Way is seeking 14-25 year olds who have ideas to address youth issues in Perth and/or Huron Counties. UWPH’s Youth in Action Grants are an opportunity for youth to access up to $1,000 to develop and implement projects that address important issues in their community and help their peers. Past grant recipients have shown how creative the youth of Perth and Huron Counties can be. 

Last year, the grant allowed the Cultural Collective youth group to hold 9 South Huron Nerd Nights between Exeter and Centralia. The main focus of the project was to increase social opportunities for youth in rural areas of Huron County. Overall over 50 youth benefitted from the program. The project was most successful in providing a safe place for local youth to attend, socialize and remain connected. Social isolation for youth is an issue for youth from low-income families, many of which live in the areas where the Nerd Nights were offered. The Nerd Nights will continue in Exeter and Huron Park (pending sponsorship). 

A grant for Active Minds at South Huron allowed students to bring Mental Health awareness and educational activities to their high school to promote healthy ways to maintain mental health after the death of a classmate. “I personally cannot express my deepest appreciation to the United Way Group for their support of our program”, shared Ryan Miller. “I joined the Active Minds Group when it was just beginning, becoming one of the founders. After the loss of my classmate, I knew I had to do something to help others from struggling like he did. That was my way of feeling mentally well. Without the support from the Youth in Action Grant, we couldn't have achieved what we have since our founding”. 

The Youth in Action Grants allows young people to have a direct impact on their own lives and the lives of their peers. To be eligible for the grant, the project must be planned and implemented by youth aged 14-25, clearly engage their peers in Perth and/or Huron Counties, and have an Adult Trustee over the age of 25. Details regarding criteria and timelines can be found at

United Way Perth-Huron is 100% local, supporting over 40 organizations across Perth and Huron County. To help United Way continue supporting these local services, donations are gladly accepted in person at 32 Erie Street, Stratford, online at or by calling 519-271-7730 / 1-877-818-8867.

Media Contact:

Ryan Erb, Executive Director
1-877-818-8867 or 519-271-7730
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