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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Oxford County and Elgin St Thomas Announce New Health Unit Board, Name and Logo

The communities of Oxford, Elgin and St Thomas will be served by a new health unit on May 1, 2018: Southwestern Public Health. The new health unit will merge Elgin St Thomas Public Health and Oxford County Public Health to form a new organization delivering public health programs and services to approximately 204,000 people in a geography spanning Oxford County, Elgin County and the city of St Thomas.

A merger between the two health units was put forward in November 2018 as an opportunity to enhance programs and services by pooling resources, allowing Public Health to better respond to the unique needs of their small urban and large rural communities.

On April 11 at their respective meetings, the Board of Health for Elgin St Thomas Public Health and Oxford County Council approved the municipal appointments to the Board of Health for Oxford Elgin St Thomas Health Unit, which remains the legal name for the new health unit.

Board members are:

  • Heather Jackson (City of St Thomas)
  • Margaret Lupton (Oxford County)
  • David Marr (County of Elgin)
  • Larry Martin (Oxford County)
  • David Mayberry (Oxford County)
  • Sandra Talbot (Oxford County)
  • Bernie Wiehle (County of Elgin)
  • Steve Wooky (City of St Thomas)

The new board of health becomes effective on May 1, the first day of operation for Southwestern Public Health. While the two organizations will continue to work through the process of integrating their operations beyond May 1 into the rest of 2018, people living in Oxford County, Elgin County and the city of St Thomas will continue to receive the public health services they have now at the same locations in Woodstock and St Thomas.

Telephone numbers, email addresses and the website will remain the same on May 1, with new contact information and a new website to be announced in June.

The Transition Governance Committee, which was formed to provide oversight on merger activities until the time that a new board could be legally appointed, is on target for completing all deliverables identified in the committee's terms of reference.

The health units are also introducing today the new logo for Southwestern Public Health. The logo, which emphasizes the 'public health' in Southwestern Public Health, was designed to reflect a sense of strength, reaching out, and excitement for the future. It incorporates the names of the three municipal jurisdictions, Oxford, Elgin and St Thomas. The new logo will begin appearing on public health materials after May 1.

Media Contacts:

Tommasina ConteTiffany Terpstra
Oxford County Public HealthElgin St Thomas Public Health
519-539-9800 ext 3503519-631-9900 ext 1308
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