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Monday, March 19, 2012

Health Unit Launches New Three-Year Strategic Plan

The Perth District Health Unit has released its new Strategic Plan. The plan outlines six strategic directions that will guide and inform Health Unit activities over the next three years, from 2012 to 2015.

The previous Strategic Plan for the Health Unit expired in 2010. In 2011, the Health Unit embarked on a strategic planning process guided by the principles of being comprehensive, inclusive, transparent and considerate of the key factors that influence public health practice in Perth County.

“Even though the Health Unit’s work is to a great extent prescribed by the Ontario Public Health Standards, it’s important that to have overarching strategies to help us meet the needs of our organization and local community,” explains Dr. Miriam Klassen, Perth’s Medical Officer of Health.

Below are the new strategic directions for the Perth District Health Unit for the next three years:
  • Improve health outcomes within the context of our public health mandate
  • Strengthen and develop leadership capacity
  • Continue and strengthen strategic community relationships and partnerships
    • Assess return of investment
    • Identify key partnerships
    • Strengthen collaboration with Huron County Public Health Unit
  • Invest in staff
    • Strengthen internal communication
    • Continue to support workplace wellness at PDHU
    • Enhance staff skills and capacity
  • Strengthen the capacity of IT and IS (information systems) to most effectively deliver programs and services to Perth County residents
  • Seek opportunities to use social media in order to effectively deliver programs and services
To put the Strategic Plan into action, the Health Unit has:
  • developed an 2012 Operational Plan that outlines goals and objectives of Health unit activities that align with the six strategic directions
  • created a Balanced Scorecard to evaluate how well the goals and objectives are met
  • aligned the monthly Board Report of the Medical Officer of Health with the new strategic directions (available online at – About Us – Board – Reports).
See the attached copy of the Strategic Plan.

Media Contact:

Rebecca Hill
Communications Manager
519-271-7600 ext 279
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