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Erectile Dysfunction - South West

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to perform sexual intercourse. The cause is usually physical but may be compounded by psychological issues.

These services serve all or part of South West
Clinton Public Hospital - Ambulatory Clinics - Urology Clinic  
98 Shipley St, Clinton, ON  N0M 1L0
519‑482‑3440 Ext 6275
Grey Bruce Health Services - Meaford Hospital - Ambulatory Care Department - Urology Clinic  
229 Nelson St W, Meaford, ON  N4L 1A3
Grey Bruce Health Services - Owen Sound Hospital - Ambulatory Care Department - Urology Clinic  
1800 8th St E, Box 1800, Owen Sound, ON  N4K 6M9
Information: 519‑376‑2121 ext 2212
Bookings: 519‑372‑3921
Hanover and District Hospital - Ambulatory Care Clinics - Urology Clinic  
90 7th Ave, Hanover, ON  N4N 1N1
519‑364‑2340 ext 202
Listowel Memorial Hospital - Outpatient Clinics/Visiting Specialists - Urology Clinic  
255 Elizabeth St E, Listowel, ON  N4W 2P5
519‑291‑3125 ext 6257
London Health Sciences Centre - Victoria Hospital - Urology Clinic  
800 Commissioners Rd E, London, ON  N6A 5W9
Automated Switchboard: 519‑685‑8500
General Information: 519‑685‑8380
Patient Information: 519‑667‑6619
South Bruce Grey Health Centre - Durham - Outpatient Clinics - Urology Clinic  
320 College St N, PO Box 638, Durham, ON  N0G 1R0
South Bruce Grey Health Centre - Kincardine - Outpatient Clinics - Urology Clinic  
1199 Queen St, Kincardine, ON  N2Z 1G6
South Bruce Grey Health Centre - Walkerton - Outpatient Clinics - Urology Clinic  
21 McGivern St, Walkerton, ON  N0G 2V0
Appointment Booking Line: 519‑370‑2404
St Joseph's Health Care London - St Joseph's Hospital - Urology Centre  
268 Grosvenor St, B4-602, London, ON  N6A 4V2
519‑646‑6100 ext 66053
Wingham and District Hospital - Outpatient Clinics/Visiting Specialists - Urology Clinic  
270 Carling Terrace, Wingham, ON  N0G 2W0
519‑357‑3210 ext 5258
Woodstock Hospital - Ambulatory Care Services - Outpatient Clinic - Urology  
310 Juliana Dr, Woodstock, ON  N4V 0A4

What's New

The South West Regional Wound Care Program has developed a tool to help build a patient's 'dream team' as it relates to their level of diabetic foot risk. To learn more about Wound Care and the tool, visit swrwoundcareprogram.ca.

Diabetic Foot Referral Tool
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