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Lyme Disease - South West

Lyme disease is brought on by a bacterial infection, which is primarily transmitted by biting ticks. It generally produces flu-like symptoms, along with rashes, arthritis, and some neurological problems. Early detection and treatment with antibiotics generally ensures a quick and full recovery. If the infection is allowed to develop, chronic illness may result.

Public Health Units provide information about Lyme disease and monitor its spread.

These services serve all or part of South West
Middlesex-London Health Unit - Environmental Health and Infectious Disease - Safe Water, Rabies and Vector-Borne Disease  
Environmental Health, 201 Queens Ave, 4th Fl, London, ON  N6A 5L7
Environmental Health: 519‑663‑5317 ext 2300
Infectious Disease and Vaccine Preventable Disease Triage: 519‑663‑5317 ext 2330

These services are located outside of South West, but provide service to South West.
Lyme Ontario  
PO Box 10082 Meadowlands, Ancaster, ON  L9K 1P2

What's New

Both of these services are available now and are free for adults and youth with mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

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