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Low-Income Support Services - South West

Programs that assist formerly homeless or low-income people with various services to become self-sufficient. Includes information, advocacy, forms filling, referrals, income tax clinics, ID clinics and coordinating other services. Can include limited financial assistance, settlement services, housing services and employment services as part of the support assistance.

These services serve all or part of South West
866A Dundas St E, London, ON  N6A 4H4
Local Community Food Centre (The)  
612 Erie St, Stratford, On  N5A 2P1
Operation Sharing  
College Ave United Church (Peel St entrance), 22 Wilson St, Woodstock, ON  N4S 3N5

What's New

The South West Regional Wound Care Program has developed a tool to help build a patient's 'dream team' as it relates to their level of diabetic foot risk. To learn more about Wound Care and the tool, visit swrwoundcareprogram.ca.

Diabetic Foot Referral Tool
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