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Pharmacies (Extended Hours) - South West

Pharmacies provide drug prescription services as well as medication counselling. The pharmacies with extended hours are ones which are either open 24 hours or are open on statutory holidays.

Pharmacies lists all pharmacies, including those without extended hours.

See also Pharmacists.

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These services serve all or part of South West
Care Plus Pharmacy   London
Costco Pharmacy - London - Wellington Rd S   London
Costco Pharmacy - London - Wonderland Rd N   London
Dundas Pharmacy   London
FJS Wellness Pharmacy   London
Food and Drug Basics Pharmacy - London - 1200 Commissioners Rd E   London
Food and Drug Basics Pharmacy - London - 509 Commissioners Rd W   London
Food and Drug Basics Pharmacy - Stratford   Stratford
Guardian Pharmacy - Exeter   Exeter
Guardian Pharmacy - Stratford - Wellington St (Sinclair)   Stratford
IDA Pharmacy - London - Southdale Rd E (Southdale Pharmacy)   London
IDA Pharmacy - London - Wonderland Rd S (Dini Pharmacy)   London
IDA Pharmacy - Meaford   Meaford
IDA Pharmacy - Wingam (Rx Drug Mart)   Wingham
Independent Grocer DRUGStore Pharmacy - Port Elgin (Rowland's)   Port Elgin
Independent Grocer DRUGStore Pharmacy - St Marys (McDonald's)   St Marys
Loblaw DRUGStore Pharmacy - London - Richmond St N   London
Loblaw Great Food DRUGStore Pharmacy - London - Wonderland Rd S   London
London Medical Pharmacy - London - 528 Dundas St   London
Medicine Shoppe (The) - London - Wharncliffe Rd N (Asha)   London
Oxford Pharmacy   London
PharmaChoice - London - Jalna Blvd   London
Pharmasave - Bayfield - Main St S (Michael's)   Bayfield
Pharmasave - Goderich (Michael's Pharmacy)   Goderich
Pharmasave - Ingersoll   Ingersoll
Pharmasave - Listowel   Listowel
Pharmasave - London - Southdale Rd E   London
Pharmasave - Thornbury   Thornbury
Pharmasave - Woodstock General Hospital   Woodstock
Progressive Drug Mart - London - Dundas St E (Argyle)   London
Remedy'sRx Pharmacy - Listowel   Listowel
Remedy'sRx Pharmacy - Stratford (West End Pharmacy)   Stratford
Remedy'sRx Pharmacy - Tillsonburg   Tillsonburg
Rexall Pharma Plus - Hanover   Hanover
Rexall Pharma Plus - Kincardine   Kincardine
Rexall Pharma Plus - London - Adelaide St N (Stoneybrook)   London
Rexall Pharma Plus - London - Commissioners Rd W (Byron)   London
Rexall Pharma Plus - London - Ernest Ave (White Oaks)   London
Rexall Pharma Plus - London - Hyde Park Rd   London
Rexall Pharma Plus - Owen Sound - 2nd Ave E   Owen Sound
Rexall Pharma Plus - Port Elgin   Port Elgin
Rexall Pharma Plus - Southampton (DeLong's)   Southampton
Rexall Pharmacy - Meaford   Meaford
Rexall Pharmacy - Woodstock - Springbank Ave N   Woodstock
Shoppers Drug Mart - Ingersoll   Ingersoll
Shoppers Drug Mart - Kincardine   Kincardine
Shoppers Drug Mart - Listowel   Listowel
Shoppers Drug Mart - London - 1224 Commissioners Rd W (Byron)   London
Shoppers Drug Mart - London - 1225 Wonderland Rd N (Sherwood Forest Mall)   London
Shoppers Drug Mart - London - 645 Commissioners Rd E   Open London
Shoppers Drug Mart - London - Hamilton Rd   London
Shoppers Drug Mart - Norwich   Norwich
Shoppers Drug Mart - Port Elgin   Port Elgin
Shoppers Drug Mart - St Thomas - Talbot St W   St Thomas
Shoppers Drug Mart - Stratford - Huron St   Stratford
Shoppers Drug Mart - Stratford - Ontario St   Stratford
Shoppers Drug Mart - Tillsonburg   Tillsonburg
Shoppers Drug Mart - Woodstock - 333 Dundas St   Woodstock
Shoppers Drug Mart - Woodstock - 959 Dundas St E   Woodstock
St Thomas Medical Pharmacy   St Thomas
Walmart Pharmacy - Listowel   Listowel
Walmart Pharmacy - Port Elgin   Port Elgin
Walmart Pharmacy - Stratford   Stratford
Walmart Pharmacy - Tillsonburg   Tillsonburg
Walmart Pharmacy - Woodstock   Woodstock
Yurek Pharmacy and Home Healthcare - St Thomas   St Thomas
Zehrs DRUGStore Pharmacy - Goderich   Goderich
Zehrs DRUGStore Pharmacy - Woodstock   Woodstock

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