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Crisis Pregnancy and Maternity Homes - Oxford and Norfolk

This section list services offering support and counselling for pregnant youth and women. Maternity homes provide shelter as well as care and support services and instruction in child care, for women who are unable to remain in their own homes.

See also Shelters, Transitional Housing and Drop-in Centres for Women.

These services are located in Oxford and Norfolk
Beginnings Family Services Pregnancy Care Centre  
28 Wellington St N, Woodstock, ON  N4S 6P3

These services are located outside of Oxford and Norfolk, but provide service to Oxford and Norfolk.
Fresh Start Support Services - Fresh Start Maternity Supports  
118 Centre St, St Thomas, ON  N5R 2Z9
519‑637‑7775 ext 1
South West Health Links caregiverexchange.ca South West End-of-Life Care Network Living A Healthy Life specialists.southwesthealthline.ca