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Financial Assistance for Seniors - Elgin

These government and community programs provide benefits to eligible seniors (Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Pension). Programs and services may also include grants, allowing seniors to remain in their home.

See also Home Modification.

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These services are located in Elgin
Canada. Service Canada - St Thomas Service Canada Centre   St Thomas

These services are located outside of Elgin, but provide service to Elgin.
Armed Forces Pensioners' / Annuitants' Association of Canada   Renfrew
Canada. Employment and Social Development Canada - Public Pensions and Disability Benefits  
Canada. Service Canada  
Canada. Service Canada - CanadaBenefits.gc.ca  
Canada. Service Canada - Public pensions  
Canada. Service Canada - Tillsonburg Service Canada Centre   Tillsonburg
Canada. Veterans Affairs Canada   Matane
Canada. Veterans Affairs Canada - London District Office - Bureau of Pensions Advocates   London
Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners   Toronto
Canadian Corps of Commissionaires - Great Lakes Division   London
Ontario. Ministry of Finance - Credits, Benefits and Incentives   Oshawa
Ontario. Ministry of Finance - Credits, Benefits and Incentives - Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income System   Oshawa
Specialized Health Websites caregiverexchange.ca Stroke Resources South West End-of-Life Care Network