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The Directory of French Language Children`s Services for London (Répertoire des services en français pour enfants à London) helps French-speaking families with children to access health and social services. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Your comments will remain confidential and will be used to help improve and develop the directory.

Is this your first visit to the French Children`s Services directory?
If NO, how often on average do you visit the directory?
How did you first learn about the directory? website
 Other website 
 Search engine
 Family or friend
 Agency or service provider
 Promotional item, display or presentation
 Media (print, television, radio)
Where do you live?
 Other regions of Ontario
Is your first language French?
You visited the site to find information:
 As a parent to help your (or a friend`s) child or children
 As a health care or service provider to help your client or patient
 As a researcher or student for business or school purposes
 I was just browsing
What range of service information were you seeking?
 French language children`s services for London
 Children`s services for London
 Health and social services for London
 I was just browsing
How important was it for you to find out about services offered in French?
 Very important
 Somewhat important
 Not important
What topic was of most interest to you?
 Child welfare and safety
 Prenatal care
 Child care centres and education
 Mental health
 Children with disabilities
 Housing and material aid (such as food, shelter and financial assistance)
 Newcomer services that help you adjust to living in London
Was there a service or topic that you would like to see in the future?
 Yes (please specify) 
Were you able to access services in French as a result of the information you found within the directory?
 Haven`t tried yet
If YES, please identify the type of services you were able to access in French.
 Type of services: 
How would you rate this site as a gateway to French language children`s service information for London?
What do like about the site?
 I like... 
What do you not like about the site?
 I don`t like... 
Would you recommend the site to others?
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