Alphabetical Listing of Services - M - London and Middlesex

MADD Canada   Oakville
MADD Canada - London Chapter   London
Make-A-Wish - Southwestern Ontario Chapter   London
Maltese Canadian Club of London   London
Mama's Physio (The)   London
Manic Depression  
Manor Village at London   London
Maple View Terrace   London
Maple Village Residence   London
March of Dimes Canada - Head Office   Toronto
March of Dimes Canada - Southwest Regional Office   London
March of Dimes Canada - Summer Recreation Program   Toronto
Marconi Club of London   London
Masonville Manor Retirement Residence   London
Masonville Pharmacy   London
Massage Therapists  
Mastectomy Products and Wigs  
Maternal, Newborn, Child and Youth Network   London
Maternal-Fetal Medicine  
May Court Club of London - May Court Shop   London
Mayasol Spanish Language Centre   London
McCormick Care Group   London
McGarrell Place   London
McRae Foot Health Centre   London
MD Connected Walk-In Clinic - London   London
Meadow Park Long Term Care   London
Meal Delivery Services  
Meals on Wheels London   London
Meaningful Living Home Care Services   London
Med+ Home Health Care   Toronto
MedEvac Canada   Mississauga
Medi-Call Canada   Ottawa
Medical Biochemistry  
Medical Cannabis  
Medical Equipment and Supplies - Loans  
Medical Equipment and Supplies - Sales and Rentals  
Medical Genetics and Genomics  
Medical Information Alerts  
Medical Laboratories  
Medical Microbiology  
Medical Museums  
Medical Oncology  
Medical Pharmacy - London - Oxford St W (Chelsey Park)   London
Medical Pharmacy - London - Sarnia Rd   London
Medical Priorities   London
Medical/General Rehabilitation  
MedicAlert Foundation Canada   Toronto
Medicentre Pediatric Walk-In Clinic   London
Medicine Shoppe (The) - London - Commissioners Rd W   London
Medicine Shoppe (The) - London - King St   London
Medicine Shoppe (The) - London - Wharncliffe Rd N (Asha)   London
Medigas, Praxair Canada   London
MediSystem Pharmacy - London   London
Medpoint Care Pharmacy   London
Medpoint Health Care Centre   London
Medsave Pharmacy - London - Wharncliffe Rd N   London
Medway Community Centre   London
Melanoma Network of Canada   Oakville
Melbourne Housing Corporation - Townline Terrace   London
MeleKare - Medical Supplies   London
Mental Health Courts and Diversion Programs  
Mental Health for Children and Youth  
Mental Health for People with Intellectual Disabilities  
Mental Health for Seniors  
Mental Health Hospital Programs  
Mental Health Peer and Family Programs  
Mental Health Promotion  
Mental Health Works - Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Ontario   Toronto
Mentoring Programs for Children and Youth  
Meridian Active Joint Physiotherapy Centre - Strathroy   Strathroy
Meridian Hearing Centre - London - Wortley Village   London
Meridian Hearing Centre - North West London   London
Meridian Hearing Centre - West London   London
Meridian Spine and Joint Physiotherapy - London - Barker St   London
Meridian Spine and Joint Physiotherapy - London - Beaverbrook Ave   London
Meridian Spine and Joint Physiotherapy - Mount Brydges   Mount Brydges
Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre   London
Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)  
Métis Nation of Ontario   Ottawa
Metro Pharmacy - London - Adelaide St N   London
Metro Pharmacy - London - Commissioners Rd W (Byron)   London
Metro Pharmacy - London - Wellington Rd S   London
Metropolitan United Church - Hospitality Meal   London
Middlesex (County of)   London
Middlesex Centre (Municipality of)   Ilderton
Middlesex Children's Services Network  
Middlesex Community Living   Strathroy
Middlesex County Library   Strathroy
Middlesex EarlyOn Child and Family Centre Ilderton   Ilderton
Middlesex EarlyON Child and Family Centre Strathroy   Strathroy
Middlesex Hospital Alliance  
Middlesex London Falls Prevention Collaborative   London
Middlesex Terrace   Delaware
Middlesex-London Emergency Medical Services - Emergency Ambulance Service   London
Middlesex-London Health Unit   London
Midwest Medical   London
Midwifery Services  
Midwives of Middlesex and Area   London
Miracle-Ear London   London
Mission Services of London   London
Mission Thrift Store - London   London
Mobility 1st   London
Montessori Academy of London   London
Mood and Anxiety Disorders  
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario   Toronto
Mother Reach London and Middlesex   London
Motion Specialties London   London
Moving Towards Wellness   Clinton
MrsGrocery   London
Mulberry Bush Child Care Centre   London
Multiple Births Canada   Lefroy
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada   Toronto
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada - Southwestern Ontario Chapter   London
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation - Regional Assessment Office 23 (London)   Pickering
Munsee-Delaware Nation   Muncey
Muscular Dystrophy (MD)  
Muscular Dystrophy Canada - London Chapter   London
Muscular Dystrophy Canada - Ontario and Nunavut Regional Office   Toronto
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation  
Muslim Association of Canada Youth Centre - London Chapter   London
Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration   London
My Care Pharmacy   London
My Guardian - Personal Emergency Response System   Richmond Hill
My Neighbour's Closet   London
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Association of Ontario   Toronto
Myasthenia Gravis Society of Canada   Stouffville
MyDoctor Now - Walk-In Medical Clinic   London
MyHealth Centre - Arva   Arva
MyHealth Centre - London - Southdale   London
MyHealth Centre - London - Waterloo   London
MyHealth Centre - London - Wharncliffe   London
MyHealth Centre - London Fanshawe   London
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