Inclusion Policy

About the services database

The Services Database provides reliable and current information about available health services in the South West region. The Database supports the mission of the in helping consumers navigate the health system, access care and manage their health.

Health services cover a broad range of organizations and programs, including those that address the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals and populations at every stage of life.  The focus of the Database is on health care services that are integral to the South West region’s public health care system. This includes publicly funded services, either in whole or in part, and certain for profit health services complementary to the system. Rounding out the listings is a selection of basic social services pertinent to health care. These services are described in a consistent manner in the Database to facilitate comparison, and to provide sufficient information on each service to assist consumers with the selection process.

To ensure that the Database remains useful and manageable, the places limits on inclusion. All requests for inclusion are reviewed on a regular basis in accordance with our Inclusion Policy. Services currently beyond the scope of inclusion are a range of commercial health care services and the broader set of human services. Wherever possible, links are provided to referral resources.

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For further information about the Services Database or our  Inclusion Policy, please refer to the Contact Us section of our site.
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