School Health Support Services

The South West LHIN's School Health Support Services (SHSS) provide health care services to children who otherwise would be unable to attend school, or whose education would be disrupted by having to leave the school setting for needed therapy.

SHSS services are provided to children and youth in publicly-funded, private, and home-school environments and may include:

  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Dietetics
  • Personal support services

Link to Resources for Children and Parents with Special Needs

Information regarding the referral process for School Health Support Services (pdf)

SW LHIN School Health Referral Forms & Resources


Request for School Health Support Services Assessment (pdf)

Occupational Therapy / Physiotherapy Referral Form (pdf)

Occupational Therapy Sensory Questionnaire (pdf)


Diabetes Care in Schools (pdf)

Diabetes in School - Information Flow Sheet (pdf)

Guide for Completion of SWCCAC School Health Support Services Screening Form for School Board Speech-Language Pathologists (pdf)

School Health Support Services Program Criteria and Severity Level Definitions for Speech Pathology (pdf)


An Overview of School Health Support Nursing Service (pdf)

Have You Tried? (pdf)

Common Difficulties with the Sensory System: What You May See (pdf)

Occupational Therapy Consultation: What To Expect (pdf)

Consultation Service Delivery Model (pdf)

Do You Know Me? (pdf)

How Do I Try A Sensory Strategy? (pdf)

Points to Consider Prior to Referral (pdf)

Role of the SHSS Occupational Therapist in Prescribing Computer Hardware/Software for SEA Funding (pdf)

Sensory Based Resources (pdf)

The Sensory Systems (pdf)

Physiotherapy - Points to Consider Prior to Referral (pdf)

SHSS Eligibility (pdf)

An Introduction to School Health Support Services (pdf)

Working with the Education Team: Important School Processes (pdf)

Fact Sheet: A Nurse in the Classroom (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Making Your Child's Therapy (pdf)

Fact Sheet: OT Consultation (pdf)

Fact Sheet: OT in Schools (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Physiotherapy in Schools (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Speech Therapy for School Aged Children (pdf)

SHSS Brochure (pdf)

Fine Motor Resources

Resources for Students with Fine Motor Concerns (pdf)

Sensory Resources

School Questionnaire for Children with Sensory Issues (pdf)