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Social Action Groups - South West

Various groups exist to coordinate community responses to a variety of social issues, such as homelessness.

These services serve all or part of South West
Age Friendly London Network  
355 Wellington St, Suite 248, London, ON  N6A 1H2
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Alice Saddy Association  
111 Waterloo St, Suite 401, London, ON  N6B 2M4
519-433-2801 Add to Clipboard
Bridges Out of Poverty London  
255 Horton St, London, ON  N6B 1L1
519-850-9000 ext 2275 Add to Clipboard
Bridges Out of Poverty St Thomas Elgin  
16 Mary St W, St Thomas, ON  N5P 2S3
519-631-9800 Add to Clipboard
Canadian Parents for French - South West Chapter  
Oxford Learning Centre, 509 Commissioners Rd W, London, ON  N6J 4J9
519-473-0375 Add to Clipboard
Canadian Parents for French - Stratford Chapter  
Falstaff Family Centre, 35 Waterloo St N, Stratford, ON  N5A 5H6
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CARP London St Thomas Chapter  
519-679-3069 Add to Clipboard
Carrefour des Femmes du Sud-Ouest de l'Ontario - Centre régional pour femmes - Café-Causette  
285 King St, 2nd Fl, London, ON  N6A 4Y8
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Child and Youth Network (CYN)  
London, ON
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Elgin Children's Network  
7 Morrison Dr, S. Thomas, ON  N5R 4S5
519-631-9496 Add to Clipboard
Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board  
647 Wilton Grove Rd Unit 3, London, ON  N6N 1N7
519-672-3499 Add to Clipboard
Hanover (Town of) - Hanover Age Friendly  
P&H Centre, 269 7th Ave, Hanover, ON  N4N 2H5
519-364-2310 ext 2128 Add to Clipboard
Hunger Relief Action Coalition  
519-471-3963 Add to Clipboard
Independent Living Centre London and Area  
433 King St, Suite 101, London, ON  N6B 3P3
519-660-4667 Add to Clipboard
Investing in Children  
205 Oxford St E, Suite 206, London, ON  N6A 5G6
519-433-8996 Add to Clipboard
Kincardine Area Community Services  
PO Box 527, Kincardine, ON  N2Z 2Y9
519-396-8345 Add to Clipboard
Kinette Club of London  
PO Box 633, Stn B, London, ON  N6A 4Y4
519-461-1073 Add to Clipboard
Kinsmen Club of Greater London (The)  
PO Box 633, Stn B, London, ON  N6A 4Y4
519-461-1073 Add to Clipboard
866A Dundas St E, London, ON  N6A 4H4
519-438-8676 Add to Clipboard
Living Wage St Thomas-Elgin  
16 Mary St W, St Thomas, ON  N5P 2S3
519-631-9800 Add to Clipboard
London (City of) - London Cares Homeless Response Services  
186 King St, Unit 107, London, ON
519-667-2273 Add to Clipboard
London Abused Women's Centre  
797 York St, Unit 5, London, ON  N5W 6A8
519-432-2204 Add to Clipboard
London Affordable Housing Foundation  
PO Box 487, London, ON  N6A 4X3
519-432-3781 ext 403 Add to Clipboard
London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP)  
The Skill Centre, 3rd Fl, 141 Dundas St, London, ON  N6A 1G3
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London Community Foundation  
Covent Garden Market, 130 King St, London, ON  N6A 1C5
519-667-1600 Add to Clipboard
London Community Resource Centre  
201 King St, London, ON  N6A 1C9
519-432-1801 Add to Clipboard
London Homeless Coalition  
FIMS and Nursing Building, Western University, 1151 Richmond St, 2304, London, ON  N6A 5C1
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London InterCommunity Health Centre - Community Development  
659 Dundas St, London, ON  N5W 2Z1
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London Youth Advisory Council  
Innovation Works, 201 King St, London, ON  N6A 1C9
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Middlesex Children's Services Network  
519-434-7321 * 519-666-3227 Add to Clipboard
Networking for an Inclusive Community (NIC)  
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 100 Collip Circle Suite 100, London, ON  N6G 4X8
519-858-5158 ext 20081 Add to Clipboard
Oxford Community Foundation  
Woodstock Developmental Services Building, 212 Bysham Park Dr, Woodstock, ON  N4T 1R2
519-539-7447 ext 229 Add to Clipboard
Oxford County's Rainbow Coalition  
c/o Oxford County Public Health, 410 Buller St, Woodstock, ON  N4S 4N2
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Partners in Research  
100 Collip Circle, Suite 120, London, ON  N6G 4X8
519-433-7866 Add to Clipboard
People First London  
Family Service Thames Valley, 125 Woodward Ave, London, ON  N6J 2H1
519-433-0183 ext 8505 Add to Clipboard
St Thomas-Elgin Local Immigration Partnership  
16 Mary St W, St Thomas, ON  N5P 2S3
519-631-9800 Add to Clipboard
Stratford Perth Community Foundation  
55 Lorne Ave E Unit 5, Stratford, ON  N5A 6S4
519-271-1503 Add to Clipboard
United Way Elgin-Middlesex - Elgin Middlesex  
409 King St, London, ON  N6B 1S5
519-438-1723 Add to Clipboard
United Way Elgin-Middlesex - Elgin St Thomas  
10 Mondamin St, Unit 103, St Thomas, ON  N5P 2V1
519-631-3171 Add to Clipboard
United Way Elgin-Middlesex - GenNext  
409 King St, London, ON  N6B 1S5
519-438-1723 ext 347 Add to Clipboard
United Way of Bruce Grey  
380 9th St E, Owen Sound, ON  N4K 1P1
519-376-1560 Add to Clipboard
United Way Oxford  
Woodstock, ON  N4S 4G7
519-539-3851 Add to Clipboard
United Way Perth-Huron  
The United Centre, 32 Erie St, Stratford, ON  N5A 2M4
519-271-7730 Add to Clipboard
Urban League of London  
PO Box 574 Stn B, London, ON  N6A 4W8
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Violence Prevention Grey Bruce  
Owen Sound, ON
519-379-2574 Add to Clipboard
Voices Perth  
Box 1618, St Marys, ON  N4X 1B9
519-284-1400 ext 228 Add to Clipboard
Western University - University Students' Council - Peer Support Centre  
UCC Building, 1151 Richmond St, Rm 256, London, ON  N6A 3K7
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These services are located outside of South West, but provide service to South West.
All Our Sisters  
519-652-0364 Add to Clipboard
Alliance for Healthier Communities  
970 Lawrence Ave W, Suite 500, North York, ON  M6A 3B6
416-236-2539 Add to Clipboard
Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners  
4800 Dundas St W, Suite 202, Toronto, ON  M9A 1B1
416-253-6402 Add to Clipboard
Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness  
Aspen Woods Post Office, PO Box 15062, Calgary, AB  T3H 0N8
587-216-5615 Add to Clipboard
Canadian Human Rights Commission  
344 Slater St, 8th Fl, Ottawa, ON  K1A 1E1
1-888-214-1090 Add to Clipboard
700 Bay St, Suite 800, Toronto, ON  M5G 1Z6
416-961-2376 Add to Clipboard
Change Foundation (The)  
200 Front St W, Suite 2501, PO Box 42, Toronto, ON  M5V 3M1
416-205-1579 Add to Clipboard
Food Banks Canada  
5090 Explorer Dr, Suite 203, Mississauga, ON  L4W 4T9
905-602-5234 Add to Clipboard
Human Rights Legal Support Centre  
180 Dundas St W, 8th Fl, Toronto, ON  M7A 0A1
416-597-4900 Add to Clipboard
Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario  
655 Bay St, 14th Fl, Toronto, ON  M7A 2A3
416-326-1312 Add to Clipboard
Non-Smokers' Rights Association  
720 Spadina Ave, Suite 221, Toronto, ON  M5S 2T9
416-928-2900 Add to Clipboard
Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses  
PO Box 27585, Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, ON  M6A 3B8
416-977-6619 Add to Clipboard
Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres  
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Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants  
110 Eglinton Ave W, Suite 200, Toronto, ON  M4R 1A3
416-322-4950 Add to Clipboard
Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy  
1630 Lawrence Ave W, Suite 104, Toronto, ON  M6L 1C5
416-244-9686 Add to Clipboard
Ontario Hospital Association  
200 Front St W, Suite 2800, Toronto, ON  M5V 3L1
416-205-1300 Add to Clipboard
Ontario Human Rights Commission  
180 Dundas St W, 9th Fl, Toronto, ON  M7A 2R9
416-326-9511 Add to Clipboard
Ontario Society of Senior Citizens' Organizations  
333 Wilson Ave, Suite 406, Toronto, ON  M3H 1T2
416-785-8570 Add to Clipboard
Ontario. Ministry of the Status of Women  
777 Bay St, 6th Fl, Toronto, ON  M7A 2J4
416-314-0300 Add to Clipboard
Provincial Council of Women of Ontario  
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Salvation Army  
2 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, ON  M4H 1P4
1-800-725-2769 Add to Clipboard
Second Harvest Food Support Committee  
1450 Lodestar Rd, Unit 18, Toronto, ON  M3J 3C1
416-408-2594 Add to Clipboard
United Senior Citizens of Ontario  
3033 Lakeshore Blvd W, Toronto, ON  M8V 1K5
416-252-2021 Add to Clipboard
United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk  
23 Argyle St, Box 472, Simcoe, ON  N3Y 4L5
519-426-5660 Add to Clipboard
World University Service of Canada  
1404 Scott St, Ottawa, ON  K1Y 4M8
613-798-7477 Add to Clipboard
YWCA Canada  
104 Edward St, First Fl, Toronto, ON  M5G 0A7
416-962-8881 Add to Clipboard

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