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Schizophrenia - South West

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder characterized by disintegration of the processes of thinking, contact with reality, and emotional responsiveness. Delusions and hallucinations are common, especially those that produce the feeling of a loss of personal identity.

For further listings see other topics under Mental Health, such as Community Mental Health Programs and Mental Health Hospital Programs.

These services serve all or part of South West
Canadian Mental Health Association - Middlesex Branch - Strathroy Site  
21 Richmond St, Strathroy, ON  N7G 2Z1
Grey Bruce Health Services - Owen Sound Hospital - Mental Health Services - Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychosis (PEPP)  
1800 8th St E, Box 1800, Owen Sound, ON  N4K 6M9
519‑376‑2121 ext 2415
London Health Sciences Centre - Victoria Hospital - Adult Mental Health Care Program - Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses (PEPP)  
800 Commissioners Rd E, A2 698, London, ON  N6A 5W9
519‑685‑8500 ext 71680
Strathroy Residential Home  
25354 Wood Rd, Strathroy, ON  N7G 3W3

These services are located outside of South West, but provide service to South West.
International Schizophrenia Foundation  
16 Florence Ave, Toronto, ON  M2N 1E9
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario  
95 King St E, Suite 300, Toronto, ON  M5C 1G4
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario - Ask The Expert  
95 King St E, Suite 300, Toronto, ON  M5C 1G4

What's New

Both of these services are available now and are free for adults and youth with mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

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